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Outdoor Living

"We Make Living Better" when we build you our custom outdoor areas!

Bringing the standards of inside living to the Outdoors is just one element to all our outdoor areas. Outdoor living is more than just simply landscaping a backyard with exterior elements such as decks, patios and walkways, plants and water features. While these aspects remain integral in most design plans, today's outdoor living spaces encompass much more. They are transformative, connecting and expanding the living spaces of your home in new and exciting ways.

Decks, patio's, hot tubs and swim spas:

Expanding the footprint of your usable outdoor areas. Decks and patios are the perfect base for any outdoor area, bringing out creativity with rich tones and colors. Stamped and colored concrete brings in natural elements with texture and a solid looking base that can last the test of time and helps keep your outdoor area easier to maintain.

Gazebos/Pavilions/Patio covers and Hardscapes:

Enjoying Outdoor living in the PNW means you have to be ready for all the elements it has to offer, as well as provide you with year round use of your areas. We design and build our structures  not only to last the outside elements, but to fit your personal needs. Whether keeping you cool in the summer with shade, or dry and warm in the wet months, we keep your needs covered. We offer and build all sorts of designs of covers, from dimensional NW timber frames to traditional unique log pole frame structures. Whatever we build for you, is built to keep you staying outside to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens, bars and entertainment areas:

Outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas are becoming more and more popular, including pizza ovens, fire places, fire tables, and pits and rings. We design, build, and install custom outdoor cabinetry that are built from aluminum stock with fire and water board that are built for a lifetime. The kitchens can come prepared with sinks, dishwashers, wine chillers, mini fridges, kegerators, bar and cocktail accessories, barbecues and smokers. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it.

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