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We are a family owned and operated construction and excavation company with 40 years of quality building! Dan started gaining his experience when he was 16 years old when he started working with a local builder. Starting from the bottom, Dan worked his way up the ladder, gaining skills and experience, until he was running the jobs himself. Once building new custom homes became less challenging, Dan got into home remodeling & restorations, where he has worked alongside with some of the biggest & best local remodeling companies in Seattle. His work has been showcased in magazines and has won several awards for his projects and craftsmanship. His years of experience working with heavy equipment hands on has added to his versatility, where he has been able to be proficient in excavation.  Over the course of Dan's rewarding construction career, he has mastered the trade and earned the Master Carpenter title. Dan, now teaching the trade to his son, Travis, bring professionalism to each job, and takes pride in the completed projects.

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